Exceptional Comfort While Saving

The "Hydraulic Adjustment"

In general, the "hydraulic balancing" is performed in full load operation by a single setting of throttle bodies on the heating and cooling circuits. The part-load operation remains unconsidered, which leads to mismatches in partially closed control valves. Hydraulically unbalanced systems are often worked with significantly excessive pump speed to supply poorly connected consumers, in a barely sufficient way. This means that the systems do not work efficiently, the rooms stay cold or are overheated or the temperature swings up and down.

Hyraulically NOT balanced system

Figure 1: Hydraulically NOT balanced system

System calibrated by the DIGICONTROL HYDROMIZER

Figure 2: System calibrated by the DIGICONTROL HYDROMIZER

The DIGICONTROL HYDROMIZER module calculates a dynamically balanced state.... even if the hydraulics have been inadequately adjusted.



Low installation effort of the ems4.HYDRO module: Simply snap onto DIN rail, connect via plug to AS, configure via webCADpro. The innovative Hydromizer software is integrated in the ems4.HYDRO module.

Permanent hydraulic balancing at full load and part load operation

Constant room temperature, no vibration and uniform heating

Approximately 30% energy saving (pump)

Integration into existing BACnet systems

Return temperature corresponds to the design

Automatic recognition of pressure loss coefficients in the pipe network

Less effort for planning and commissioning

No noise due to excessive flow velocities