Eco Air Boosts HVAC Energy Efficiency and Comfort at Galpin Jaguar

- April 16th 2019

Eco Air held its inaugural Press Conference and luncheon, April 16, 2019 at Galpin Jaguar in Van Nuys, California which is the site of the very first Digicontrol HVAC control system installation in the United States. The Digicontrol has been installed successfully in buildings across Europe for several years and now Eco Air is exclusively offering this superior HVAC controls technology in the United States.

Most HVAC systems on existing buildings determine fan motor speed based on constant pressure. An important advantage of the DIGICONTROL Proportional Pressure Control is that no further data points are required, and the pressure detection can still be carried out in the control center immediately after the ventilation unit.  “This technology provides 25% to 40% energy savings on large rooftop HVAC package units which is roughly 25% greater than existing HVAC controls solutions in the United States”, said Bryan Colbert, COO of Eco Air. “As proof”, he continued, “testing at the Galpin Jaguar installation has shown a 33% energy reduction on the HVAC usage when the Digicontrol is on versus when the units operate without the controls.”

This is significant as utility companies continue to push their customers to reduce overall kW demand which ultimately drives lower carbon emissions. Galpin Jaguar, and All dealerships have the potential to reduce energy costs by at least 20 percent, with more advanced energy efficiency and energy management approaches, like Digicontrol, saving even more. These approaches can mean substantial savings for many dealerships. If efficiency measures to affect only a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption by dealership facilities were implemented industry-wide, the results could be staggering. More than $193 million in utility costs and more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide can be saved as a result of 10 percent energy reduction. NADA represents approximately 20,000 new car and truck dealers holding nearly 43,000 separate franchises. Each of these dealerships has many options for saving energy, and that 20 percent savings could translate into meaningful dollars for every one of them.

It is the mission of Eco Air to help create sustainable communities one building at a time, using this ground breaking HVAC control technology. The Digicontrol and Eco Air Solutions portfolio is aimed at investors, planners, installers and operators of modern real estate, to whom we offer innovative solutions for building automation and room automation, building management and full engineering with our products.

The outstanding feature of Eco Air building system solutions is the consistency of our products and services as well as the wide range of integration solutions, which enable a holistic view of the building and a particularly energy-efficient operation.

In addition, we are an energy service provider for contract audits and energy purchasing as well as energy audits in compliance with ASHRAE standards.

Eco Air Digicontrol solutions are targeted for small to medium commercial as well as larger facilities to include airports, convention centers, theaters, large retail stores, and shopping malls. Existing global installations of the controls technology include: Munich International Airport, Designer Outlet Mall, Mercedes Benz Arena, University Hospital, Olympic Hall, Elb Philharmonic Theater, Maritim Conference Hotel, Audi Center, and Volkswagen Automobile.

Eco Air is introducing the most relevant and technically advanced automation controls for air systems that are native IT by core design into the United States. Its electronics combine for easy installation and include energy saving algorithms not found in any other HVAC controls.

The open network protocol products are all web-based IP integrated applications and are compatible with all systems including BACnet from the monitoring system down into the field units.

Eco Air is the sole and exclusive distributor of this technology in North America. The technology and components surpass any and all building automation and management systems. With a high-performance IT grade processor, real-time operating system and sufficient RAM, Eco Air delivers ample processing power to handle large data volumes in real time consistently.


• Quality German engineered and designed digital building automation controls with patent protected algorithms providing the highest energy efficiency on the market

• Technology has been successfully installed in over 1000 buildings across Europe and the Middle East with positive results in comfort and energy efficiency

• Technology has been tested by the Frauenhofer Society which –

° – provides the most versatile cutting-edge technologies to a global market

° – develops and validates scientific applications and technologies for industrial innovation

° – is Europe’s largest application-oriented research and development organization

• System testing has resulted in 30% – 40% energy savings on HVAC Rooftop Packaged Units and 50% – 70% on HVAC Central Plant operations


• Greater savings from HVAC energy consumption over conventional systems

• Improve indoor air quality and increase comfort level

• No modification of existing ducting system is required

• Reduced Noise level of Air Handling Units (AHU’s)

• No additional cooling or heating equipment required

• quick return on investment

• No hot or cold spots and no temperature layering

• No air cannons required for large spaces

• Instant energy cost and performance readout

• Assists to qualify for LEED certification

• Enhancement for NetZero building

• Reduces carbon footprint

• 100% financing available allows quick return on investment

Eco Air is a Privately Held Company with its headquarters in Pasadena, California and delivers energy efficiency solutions for HVAC, lighting, solar power, and energy storage for commercial buildings, public sector facilities, and more. Call 1-844-893-1758 for a free consultation!