Manfred Horstmann

Manfred Horstmann

Head of Research and Development 

Manfred Horstmann completed his degree in 1986 from the University of Applied Sciences, Hagen Germany in the Department of Physical Engineering.  He is a German Physicist who is the perfector/guru of the algorithm used by Eco Air, LLC to achieve significant energy savings; he has been programming controls for over 35 years.  He pioneered digital control techniques and was the Chief Engineer and Head of Development for Plüth in Rheine Germany where he perfected the algorithm. His “Tensor control algorithm” for using molecular moving’s of air could be proven with Impressive savings;

Existing HVAC controls were retrofitted with new controllers with the result of:

1.   69.5 % lower energy consumption

2.   44.8 % lower operational costs

3.   31.2 % less CO2 emissions.


    Manfred enjoys bicycling and being disruptive in the HVAC space.  He is aiming to reduce (potentially) millions of metric tons of CO2 emissions, just in the USA alone, through the simple application of more advanced HVAC control.

Manfred Horstmann

Jeff Gifford

Chief Project Engineer


Jeff Gifford (Leed®AP) is the Chief project engineer at Eco Air with over 30 years of successful experience in building automation.  Jeff specializes in designing, implementing, budgeting, procuring, and managing all aspects of building automation projects from start to finish.  He has experience with Bosch, Delta Controls, Niagra, BACnet,  rooftop package units, central plants, chillers, boilers, sales presentations, and multiple projects big and small.  A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Jeff regularly posts uplifting messages to his workforce.  Jeff enjoys spending time with his family.

Manfred Horstmann

Wilhelm Horstmann

Research and Development Engineer

Wilhelm Horstmann has a Bachelor of Engineering Physics with a specialization in Applied Physics and a Graduate Mechanical Engineer.  He graduated from the Clausthal University of Technology, where he then was employed as a research assistant.  Before joining Eco Air in 2021, he worked for a German automobile manufacturer for 10 years.  At Eco Air he is responsible for the hard- and software development of the Eco Air controllers.  On the software side he is familiar with software like KiCad, Matlab, C/C++, PHP, HTML,  Windows, Linux, and MS-Office. On the hardware side he assembles complex electronic prototypes.  Wilhelm enjoys fishing.

Manfred Horstmann

Bill Leslie

Operations Administration Manager

Bill Leslie is the Operations Administration Manager at Eco Air with approximately three years’ experience as an Energy Manager.  He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.  He has experience in energy saving calculations (estimations), design implementation, administration, and coding. Bill enjoys video games, hiking, and TV.