ECOAIR and Horstmann Systems are a part of Energy Advantage Corporation founded and located in Pasadena CA. ECOAIR together with Horstmann Systems are leaders in innovative technological controls for HVAC systems. Our breakthrough energy saving solutions are compatible with the BACnet building automation protocol. We are partnering with several active leading environmental companies and organizations. It is our goal to provide solutions in all aspects of energy saving technologies to provide maximum comfort while achieving net-zero energy consumption and zero carbon emissions.

Our design won the prize in the Innovative concept in measuring and control technology/Building automation category with the project Energy Consumption Optimization and Emission Reduction at the Fraunhofer Institute, Germany (https://www.dresden.fraunhofer.de/en.html).

The ECOAIR Proportional Pressure Control and the ECOAIR Economizer were retrofitted in an existing central plant of the IKTS (Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems). Impressive savings could be proven over an operating time of 140 days in alternating operating cycles between Conventional Control and ECO Operation.

• 69.5% Lower Energy Consumption
• 44.8% Lower Operational Costs
• 31.2% Less CO2 Emissions

The ECOAir controller processes all the data it receives from its numerous strategically placed sensors at a rate of more than 250 million calculations per second, analyzing, and optimizing the HVAC units' energy consumption thru our superior control algorithm. this algorithm leads to energy savings of up to 70%* while increasing comfort by creating a more laminar airflow which eliminates hot/cold spots.
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