According to Energy Information Administration’s latest Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) a building’s HVAC system accounts for 40% of its electrical energy usage. In a traditional HVAC system there are few sensors and a thermostat that turns the system on/off as temperatures fluctuate. This control method is old and highly inefficient, since the system solely relies on turning itself on when temperature reaches a certain level, and shuts itself off when the desired set temperature on the thermostat is reached.

By contrast, ECOAIR’s solution utilizes many sensors that continuously send data to a controller with an advanced hardware based algorithm which adjusts each of your HVAC systems’ components to achieve higher efficiencies and more comfort. ECOAIR’s superior algorithm will no longer simply turn your system on and off. Rather, our controller will use all the data it receives from the sensors to reduce or increase the fan speed as necessary, leading to a number of advantages:

1. Energy Savings ranging from 30% ‐70%

2. Reduced environmental impact

3. Fast Payback

4. Optimized comfort level

5. Increased air quality

6. Reduced noise level

7. Reduced maintenance cost

8. Extend the life of existing equipment

9. No modification of existing duct systems

10. Condensate Reduction